The Royal Arch Jewel
and the Secret of
Shakespeare's Sonnets Dedication Poem Cipher
Revealed to the world by Robert Fowler
© 2005

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One of the most amazing discoveries of the new millineum involves the relationship of the dedication poem to Shakespeares Sonnets and the Freemason Royal Arch Degree Jewel.

The mysterious dedication poem that appeared with Shakespeares Sonnets in the year 1609 was obviously a puzzle for those with sharp wits to unravel. A "stop" was placed after each word as if to break up the sonnets dedication into pieces and to call attention to the poem as a cipher.

Shakespeares Sonnet Dedication Poem

Freemmason Royal Arch Jewel

The Freemason
Royal Arch Degree Jewel

The first thing we must do in order to see beyond the veil of the cipher is to create an image by taking the stops and placing them in rows and centering them. We find five stops in the first row, three in the second, five again in the third, and so on.

Once we have the stops lined up in rows and centered symetrically, we then have to read the words in a new sequence and follow the path among the stops which relate to the words.

Look carefully at the facsimile of the original 1609 dedication poem above and notice that the only "space" character is after the "H." in the third row from the top. This is a strong clue that this is where the deciphered poem will end.

The two "T"s at the bottom of the poem may represent the two Pillars of Hercules and this marks the beginning of the poem.

The image at the right shows the stops in their proper alignment.

The numbers in black refer to their position in the original poem cipher from top left to bottom right.

The numbers in red show the correct order in which the words of the dedication poem are to be read.

A faint line has been drawn to demonstrate the design of the path through the stops. Where a hyphen appears, we flip the double words from "well-wishing" to "wishing well", and "ever-living" to "living ever".

The deciphered poem reads as follows:



Setting forth in the adventurer
By wishing well wisheth living ever

Our poet promised these sonnets
To the onlie and insuing eternitie
That begetter of all happinesse



Sonnets Dedication Cipher Path
Below is a comparison of the Royal Arch Jewel and the path drawn through the stops of the original 1609
Shake-speares Sonnets dedication poem when read in the intended order:

Sonnets Dedication Poem Path


Note also the hint of the Square and Compass.

Please take a moment to recognize the important symbols of the Royal Arch Jewel in the path:

  • The Six Pointed Star
  • A Pyramid (the triangle in the center of the star)
  • The Rays of the Sun (note: The end of the poem after the "H." is in the center of the star.)
  • The BA represents the Basket (note: The Hanging Basket represents a "Collection of Things", which may refer to Shakespeare's Sonnets among his other works.)

Royal Arch Jewel

The Triple Tau within a Circle is well signified in the dedication poem in several ways. The first and last words in the top row of the original poem begin with "T" (THE.) and "O" (OF.) respectively, the bottom row contains the two "T"s (T.T.) to frame all four corners of the poem with three "T"s and an "O" (Triple Tau and Circle).

This page is only an introduction to the meaning and symbology contained in the Sonnets dedication poem cipher. For more information please visit the old version of this page in which each step is explained in greater detail. In addition to the old page, the Light-of-Truth home page has a Flash movie in which the poem path is demonstrated also.

An important secret being revealed by the deciphered poem is the possibility that the "BA" (in fact BAC) drawn during the reading of the correct order of the poem may hint at Francis Bacon's connection to both Freemasonry and Shakespeare. Take a look back at the original dedication poem and notice the last letters of each word on the top row are OEERF which reversed is FREEO and is a strong hint at the term "Freemason" (the Circle is a symbol of Masnonry).

Note on the right an image of Francis Bacon from the year 1645 that hints at the Sonnets dedication "stops" in the book at his right hand. Look closely at the dark spots on the page:

Sonnets dedication stops and Bacon's image

A good article by Peter Dawkins called In the Light and the Shadow describes this image in better detail.

Please examine the Title Page from Bacon's "New Advancement for Learning" with the Sonnets dedication poem solution path superimposed over it.


Francis Bacon in a 1645 Engraving that hints at the Sonnets Dedication Poem

Discovered by Robert Fowler in 2001, revealed to the public in 2003.

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